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First Time Users

Welcome to the NEW Pride Learning Institute!

We have a new layout for registration to our upcoming education courses.  This new site will make it easier to find and register for your courses.


This site works best with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox!

Internet Explorer may not be able to complete the registration.

Below is a step by step walk-through or you can watch a short video on how to use the site.


Main Navigation Page
 This is the main navigation bar that is on the top of each page.
This is the Calendar View.  You can find all upcoming training courses listed by date.  Click on a course to see more information.
This is the Training Catalog page. You can find the courses listed here in alphabetical order.  Click on the course title

This is the main course page that shows all of the relevant information on the course.  The side bar shows

  • Name of the course,
  • The course cost,
  • Course date and time
  • A drop-down to change the time zone
  • The location or webinar registration link
  • The instructor
# of seats available

If there are multiple dates available, a drop-down menu will show all of the upcoming sessions.


Click on Add to Cart to reserve your seat.

This is your shopping cart. It will show all of the items and allow you to remove an item or continue shopping.


Click Check Out at the bottom of the page when finished picking your courses.

This is the log in page to check out.  The log in for the check out is not connected to any other system, so a new account will need to be created.

This is the Create Account page.


Enter the appropriate information and click register.

This is the contact information page.  This step is simply part of the check out process and the information will not be used by Pride Mobility / Quantum Rehab.


Click Continue to Payment.
This is final step in the check out process.  Review your order.  If a payment is due, the information will be entered here.
Once the order has been processed, you will reach the Thank You page.

A confirmation email will be sent with the courses you selected showing the dates and times.

A second email will be sent titled Booking Confirmation.


This email will contain the registration link to a webinar or the physical location for an in-person course.


You will receive a Booking Confirmation email for each course that you registered.