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Technical Class - Prerequisites

Prerequisite:  Upon registration, you will be assigned several videos that must be viewed prior to the course date.  This will get you familiar with the basic topics, so the in-class time will be spent on more advanced features and situations.

  • How to use a Multimeter (Length 9:33) 
  • Battery troubleshooting (Length 3:51)
  • Quantum 4 pole motor overview (Length 3:41)
  • Q-Logic 3e overview video (Length 16:31)
  • Q-Logic 3ex overview video (Length 21:37)
  • HHP Overview video (Length 4:21)
  • Econ I overview video (Length 10:14)
  • Econ W overview video (Length 8:11)
  • Tilting the needle Forward: Part 1 (Length 52:33)