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Edge 3 Stretto; Narrowing it Down (1hr/0.1CEU/1.0CEC)

Edge 3 Stretto; Narrowing it Down (1hr/0.1CEU/1.0CEC)

Pride Learning Institute
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0.0 AOTA CEUs/0 Contact Hours

Target Audience:  Technician Repair Specialist

Course Description:   This course is designed for new technicians and technicians already in the field that need a review on basic troubleshooting steps. It will also teach the technician how to adjust, modify and properly program the chair for use when taking advantage of the unique ability to change the drive wheel size on the Q6 Edge 3 Stretto.

Learning Objectives:  

At the conclusion of the course the participant will be able to:

  1. Execute proper testing for voltage, resistance, and continuity to determine what part is faulty.
  2. Execute a proper motor change and routing the wire.
  3. Change out between the 2 different drive wheels and properly load an XPA file into the Q6 Edge 3 Stretto.
  4. Identify and verify common symptoms or problems unique to the Q6 Edge 3 Stretto.


Pre-requisites:  None


Hour 1

  • Overview on the specifications, features, and the options that are offered on the Q6 Edge 3 Stretto.
  • Scenario based situations that will review error codes and teach how the readings in monitor can diagnose the issue and the proper way to replace faulty component.


Course Level:  Beginner / Review

Instructional Methods:  Lecture, Discussion

AOTA Classification Code:  N/A


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