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Alternative Drive Controls: How to Decide & What to Try (1.5hr/0.15CEU/1.5CEC)

Alternative Drive Controls: How to Decide & What to Try (1.5hr/0.15CEU/1.5CEC)

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NPL Presents: Alternative Drive Controls: How to Decide & What to Try (1.5hr/0.15CEU/1.5CEC)

0.15 AOTA CEUs/1.5 Contact Hours

Target Audience:  Licensed/Certified Medical Professional (i.e. PT, OT), Rehab Professional (ATP, SMS, CRTS)

Course Description:   Evaluating for a power wheelchair is complex enough, but when you add in the need for an alternative control to the evaluation process it complicates things further. This course is designed to breakdown the concern about participating in an evaluation for an alternative drive control. The course will review how to look at the control from everyday functional needs of the individual and explore how the alternative control can enhance someone’s ability to participate in their daily activities while meeting the clinical goals they want to achieve.

Learning Objectives:  

At the conclusion of the course the participant will be able to:

  1. Apply 3 considerations for proportional alternative drive control selection and how to set up the drive control to maximize the individual’s function.
  2. Interpret the evaluation results and choose the correct non-proportional input device to maximize the individual’s everyday function.
  3. Relate the evaluation findings to why the person should utilize a proportional or non-proportional input device to control the functional movement of the power wheelchair.



Pre-requisites:  The participant should have a basic understanding of what an alternative drive control is and how they are generally used.



  • Hour 1
  • Introduction
  • What is required to use a proportional Control?
  • Proportional controls, how they work, what are the options.
  • What is required to use non-proportional drive controls?
  • Hour 2 (30 Minutes)
  • Non-proportional controls, how they work, what are the options
  • Conclusion and Q&A


Course Level:   Intermediate

Instructional Methods:  Lecture, Discussion

AOTA Classification Code:  OT Process – Evaluation, Intervention