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Clinical Considerations for Power Mobility Use for Individuals with Cognitive Impairments/CVA  (1hr/0.1CEU/1.0CEC)

Clinical Considerations for Power Mobility Use for Individuals with Cognitive Impairments/CVA (1hr/0.1CEU/1.0CEC)

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Course Code:  DIA0323h-1

0.1 AOTA CEUs/1 Contact Hours

Target Audience:  Licensed/Certified Medical Professional (i.e. PT, OT), Rehab Professional (ATP, SMS, CRTS), Reimbursement & Billing Specialists

Course Materials/Equipment:  None

Course Description:   This course will take time to review the common concerns when considering power mobility utilization for those with cognitive impairments. Evidence based practice will be highlighted in relation to those with stroke or cognitive impairment in regards to proper training, assessment, and potential in the utilization of complex power mobility devices. We will review the common seating and mobility challenges in regards to safe, timely, and efficient manual wheelchair mobility performance and how to optimize utilization of the most appropriate mobility device through proper clinical reasoning. Recommendations on how to best approach mobility trials and training will be described as represented in the literature along with case studies for application.

Learning Objectives:  

At the conclusion of the course the participant will be able to:

  1. Distinguish 3 seating and mobility concerns specific to those with cognitive impairment.
  2. Interpret 2 key findings on visual neglect impact on power mobility driving performance as stated in the literature.
  3. Support 3 training recommendations for power mobility driving success to utilize in populations with cognitive impairment.

Pre-requisites:  Need to understand basics of complex seating and mobility options and recommendations of group 3 power mobility. Understand appropriate qualifications and performance characteristics of group 3 power mobility and clinical relevance.


Hour 1

  • Introduction with review of considerations for those with cognitive impairments/stroke
  • Brief discussion of manual wheelchair mobility considerations for those with stroke
  • Review of power mobility considerations for those with cognitive impairment related to safety, function, and programming options.
  • Review of literature on training and potential for success with power mobility for those with cognitive impairments
  • Case study examples

Course Level:   Advanced

Instructional Methods:  Lecture, Discussion

AOTA Classification Code:  OT Service Delivery, Foundational Knowledge

ADA: If you require ADA accommodations, please contact the Education Department (

Disclosure Statement:  This course is for educational purposes and is based on outside peer-reviewed research. No specific product will be promoted or sold.