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Clinically Speaking: Evaluation & Documentation for Power Seat Options (1hr/0.1CEU/1.0CEC)

Clinically Speaking: Evaluation & Documentation for Power Seat Options (1hr/0.1CEU/1.0CEC)

Pride Learning Institute
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Course Code:  WEB0320h-6

0.1 AOTA CEUs/1 Contact Hours

Target Audience:  Licensed/Certified Medical Professional (i.e. PT, OT), Rehab Professional (ATP, SMS, CRTS)

Course Description:   Assessing an end user for power mobility can be an intimidating task. Decisions that are made will have an impact on the individual’s quality life, functional mobility, physical well-being, and social interactions. When the end user is not able to utilize a standard joystick, then the task can become even more intimidating. There are many considerations and factors including driving/input method, mounting of driver controls, postural control, power positioning, programming, and environmental access/control. This workshop will review many of the considerations that must be examined when recommending alternative controls. Case specific examples will be utilized to elucidate the often-delicate interplay between alternative control access and complex seating system needs.

Learning Objectives:  

At the conclusion of the course the participant will be able to:

  1. Describe 3 considerations for proportional alternative drive control selection and set up
  2. Describe 3 considerations for digital/switched alternative drive control selection and set up
  3. Describe at least one factor on how tilt and recline can affect access to each drive control option

Pre-requisites:  N/A


Hour 1

  • Introduction/Key Concepts
  • Overview Proportional Control Options
  • Overview of Programming Options for Proportional Controls
  • Digital/Switch Control Options
  • Mounting Options/ Programming Considerations for Digital/Switch Controls
  • Power Positioning Considerations, Tracking and Suspension
  • Wrap up with Q&A


Course Level:  Beginner / Review

Instructional Methods:  Lecture, Demonstration, Discussion, Brainstorming

AOTA Classification Code:  OT Process – Evaluation, Intervention