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Recorded -  Let's Get Back to Basics: Common Troubleshooting Instructions (1hr/0.1CEU/1.0CEC)

Recorded - Let's Get Back to Basics: Common Troubleshooting Instructions (1hr/0.1CEU/1.0CEC)

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Target Audience:   Rehab Professional (ATP, SMS, CRTS), Technician Repair Specialist

Course Description:   This course is designed to assist a technician in some common troubleshooting scenarios. It goes through common error codes, both with the handheld programmer in some scenarios and how to properly set a Multi-meter in order to troubleshoot and more simplistic approaches, such as how to plug the joystick directly into the power base (if the power chair has power positioning) to narrow down the troubleshooting.  The agenda is:

  1. No Power

  2. Testing out the Charger

  3. Motor/Brake Disconnect

  4. Chair stuck in Drive Lockout

  5. Chair will not Tilt

  6. Programmer does not power up

  7. Adjusting for a veering turn

  8. Caster Sensor troubleshooting

Learning Objectives:  

At the conclusion of the course the participant will be able to:

  1. Set their multimeter correctly to test battery voltage, test resistance and test continuity

  2. Apply the EMPU approach to common troubleshooting scenarios

  3. Distinguish when to use a programmer versus when to use a multimeter

Pre-requisites:  None


  • Hour 1

  • Introduction, Agenda and covering the EMPU approach

  • Coverage of the 8 scenarios, making sure to review the EMPU approach with each scenario and verifying that the learner’s multimeters are set properly and that their programmers are getting the correct readings.

  • Review and Wrap up

Course Level:  All Levels

Instructional Methods:  Lecture, Discussion


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