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The Road to Success; A RESNA (ATP Exam) Preparatory Course

The Road to Success; A RESNA (ATP Exam) Preparatory Course

Pride Learning Institute
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Target Audience:  Licensed/Certified Medical Professional (i.e. PT, OT), DME Provider Staff (Sales, Marketing, Management)

Course Materials/Equipment:  This course consists of five (5) Recorded Modules and three (3) live instructor-led sessions

Course Description:   This course is designed to give exam candidates comprehensive preparation for the RESNA ATP examination. The course is intended for individuals familiar with wheelchairs and seating & positioning, and therefore expands upon other areas of interest such as ECU's, Augmentative Communication, Computer Access, Funding Sources and Legislation, & Ergonomics. The course will provide attendees with detailed information about the exam content and question breakdown percentages, as well as critically important standardized test taking strategies. This course includes a practice examination questions with explanation and discussion of the answers/methodology.

Learning Objectives:  

At the conclusion of the course the participant will be able to:

  • Participants will discuss exam content and knowledge areas that can to successful completion of credential exam.
  • Participants will review and discuss 3 test taking strategies for standardized exams.
  • Participants will use basic seating & positioning concepts to describe 2 clinical products and 2 technologies that would improve independence.
  • Using their personal pre-test performance, participants will identify 3 areas for additional preparation for ATP exam.

Prerequisites:  Participants who attend this course should be familiar with wheelchairs, general seating & positioning concepts and clinical applications, and any general terminology associated with power mobility devices.


  • Hour1
    • Class Overview
    • Resources & References
    • Exam Overview & Content Breakdown
    • RESNA Standards of Practice
  • Hour2
    • Standardized Test Taking Strategies
    • Assistive Technology (AT)
    • Environmental Controls
  • Hour3
    • Environmental Controls continued
    • Practice Test questions
    • Stages of Development
    • Visual & Hearing Impairments
  • Hour4
    • Diagnosis and AT Intervention
    • SCI Injury Level Review
    • Important AT vocabulary
  • Hour5
    • Important AT Vocabulary Continued
    • Outcome Measurement
    • Practice Test questions
    • Seating Assessment
    • Background Information
  • Hour6
    • Seating Assessment continued
    • Background Information
    • Practice Exam
    • Additional Question & Answer Period

Course Level:  Advanced

Instructional Methods:  Lecture, Demonstration, Brainstorming,